The Sutherland Society

The Society began in 1976 as a post graduate study group for cranial osteopathy. It later expanded its aims to include the promotion of cranial osteopathy.

The Society depends on its members for its activities! If you would like to contribute something, please get in touch here.

Aims of the Society

Membership of the Sutherland Society is open to qualified practitioners who have successfully completed a Sutherland Cranial College, British School of Osteopathy, Rollin E Becker Institute, or other Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation approved course of study at post-graduate level.

Functions of the Society include

Membership of the Society is presently 30 per year or 15 for new graduates.

To join the Society please write to

Stephanie Brown, Membership Secretary
The Sutherland Society
Church Street Practice
15A Church Street
Bradford on Avon
Wiltshire BA15 1LN

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