How to 

Find a Cranial Osteopath

Membership of the Sutherland Society is an indication of a specific interest in cranial osteopathy and all members have completed a recognised postgraduate course in cranial osteopathy. The Society is not a definitive representation of all osteopaths who work in the cranial field. It is not a registering body and does not assess the competence of its members.  If you use the directory to find a practitioner, please ensure that you are satisfied as to their qualifications and experience before your visit.

Use of the directory as a mailing list or for other promotional purposes is expressly forbidden. Copyright © The Sutherland Society 2005.


On the next page you will be able to search for a practitioner near you. If searching on "Town" gives no results, please choose your County from the drop-down menu next to "County" to see a list of our members near you.