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A post graduate society providing opportunity¬†to further deepen understanding of the groundbreaking work of A T Still (the founder of osteopathy) and W G Sutherland (the founder of osteopathy in the cranial field). A forum for shared study and mutual support in developing clinical excellence for osteopaths practising traditional osteopathy. Our members are fully qualified and registered practising osteopaths, with additional post graduate training in the gentler osteopathic approach often referred to as “cranial” osteopathy.

Click on “cranial osteopathy” for information on osteopathy for different age groups, from the new born to older age, or type your postcode or town name into the search box to find your nearest registered osteopath society member.

About the Society

The Society began in 1971 as a post graduate study group for osteopaths. Later expanding its aims to include the support and promotion of cranial osteopathy as practised by Dr W G Sutherland DO (from 1915 onward). Membership of the Sutherland Society is an indication of a specific interest in the practice application of cranial osteopathy and all our members have completed a recognised postgraduate course in cranial osteopathy. The Society however is not a definitive representation of all osteopaths who work in the cranial field.

Please note that the Society is not a formal registering body. If you use our directory to find a practitioner, please check with the osteopath concerned to ensure that you are satisfied as to their qualifications and experience for your needs, before your visit.

The Sutherland Society